I have friendly dogs, and I obey the leash law. Tonight I had to physically pin one of my friendly dogs to the ground to keep her from injuring another dog. That may be a confusing statement for many readers, and if it’s confusing for you, I encourage you to read on for how that…
A private space for us to converse and connect
How I avoid losing momentum with New Years Resolutions and how you can apply that to your relationship with your dog
When trying to find the right dog professional to meet your needs, all of the titles thrown around can be confusing.
An estimated 70% of dogs suffer from some form of anxiety. Anxiety is sadly the new norm with our doggie dependents. As pet parents that love our family…
A year ago today, I lost my Boada Bear. My heart dog. There’s still a tightness that creeps up in my chest and that welling behind my eyes poised to…
It’s so hard for dogs to be dogs in our human world anymore.

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